The TOWER Store was introduced in August 2022, where users can use their TOWER tokens to purchase TOWER products, including Crazy Defense Heroes in-game items, TOWER NFTs, physical merch, and more.

Players can purchase CDH in-game items with exclusive offers. You can also accumulate “TOWER Hero Points” from every purchase in TOWER Token to acquire Hero Points from TOWER League and enjoy exclusive membership privileges. Every 1 $TOWER Spending comes with 10 Hero Points.

Purchase methods:

  1. Buy with TOWER Token

Players can purchase in-game items directly by Polygon $TOWER

Check how to obtain $TOWER

  1. Buy with fiat using the Direct Checkout flow

Power by Poko, users can purchase Crazy Defense Heroes in-game items with their local currency and preferred payment method. This simplifies the process for users who previously had to swap TOWER from MATIC or earn enough tokens from TOWER Play-and-earn events.

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