TOWER Battle Cards

TOWER Battle Cards NFT is the crucial collection for users to participate in Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-earn and the Co-op Battle Blockchain Game.

Cards are key components of Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings, serving as defensive towers, heroes, spells, and avatar equipment against enemy hordes. They come in different power levels and rarities and can be upgraded for success in the game.

In May 2020, Animoca Brands launched a sale of 100 Super Value Chests. In addition to in-game content and resources, each chest also included 1 Crazy Defense Heroes collectible card NFT to introduce non-blockchain gamers to blockchain and NFTs.

In 2021, TOWER Ecosystem officially announced the TOWER Chest Sale and TOWER x Binance NFT Premium event. Players can obtain 3 TOWER Battle Card NFTs from each TOWER chest, and 3-5 TOWER Battle Cards plus Crazy Defense Heroes in-game items from each TOWER Tickets (purchased from the premium event).

Collection available on Opensea, OKX NFT, OnePlanet, Magic Eden and Rarible

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