Getting TOWER

TOWER Token There are a few channels to get TOWER Token from different blockchain networks:

  1. Earn from Ecosystem Play-and-Earn Events: Participate in Crazy Defense Heroes' Play-and-earn event to earn Polygon TOWER Token via Avatar XP Gain, Daily Star Chest Check-in, and Rarity Bonus. Holding more than a multiple numbers of TOWER Battles Cards grants up to 200% boosts on XP Gain and Daily Star Chest events. Complete all monthly requirements to earn up to different amounts of $TOWER and NFTs rewards. For additional details, please refer to this medium article.

  1. Get From Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX): $TOWER from different Blockchains are available on the below exchanges. TOWER is NOT available globally and please check this page for complete details.

  1. Swap from Ether (ETH) of Ethereum network, ETH of Base network, $MATIC of Polygon network, or from other available paired tokens. Please refer to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko pages for more details.

  2. Bridge $TOWER to the designated network You can bridge TOWER from Ethereum to the Polygon network via Polygon Official Bridge. Here's the medium guideline. You can bridge TOWER from Ethereum to the Base network via Superbridge. You can bridge TOWER from Ethereun to the Open network via TON Bridge.

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