Snaky Cat (Base)

Introducing information about Snaky Cat, developed by Appxplore (iCandy). Publisher’s Twitter handle @appxplore

Official Press Release:

Core Gameplay

Paying homage to the iconic snake games of yesteryear, Snaky Cat’s game mechanics are both simple and enthralling. Players start the game with a timer, and the game is over when the timer reaches 0. During this time, players guide their feline snake-like characters to feast on drops of food that will make the player’s cat grow longer. Players can compete for a rare powerup to extend their timer, and they need to outmaneuver other cats, seize the remains dropped by other cats when they collide, become the longest cat, and slither up the leaderboard for a chance to win TOWER tokens. The player must keep their cat from colliding with obstacles and other players, which gets harder as the cat becomes longer.

Players are prompted to connect their wallets before starting the game. In order to play a round players will need a ticket, which can be purchased using TOWER tokens. Snaky Cat is multiplayer, inviting players to compete against their friends and the broader Snaky Cat community.

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