Co-op Battle

Co-op Battle is a Web game where players team up and deploy their troops (TOWER Battle Card NFT) to defeat World Boss within a specific duration to earn $TOWER and NFT rewards. It's also the second major utility of the TOWER Battle Card NFT collection

The Alpha season of Co-op Battle was released in Jun 2023

Participation requirements: To collect Co-op Battle rewards, you must complete these prerequisites:

  1. Own and deploy at least 1 TOWER Battle Card to the battlefield

  2. Finish at least 7 days of Daily Star Chest Check-in of that month.

  3. Recall all your deployed troops by the 10th-day day-end of the following month (UTC).

Play-and-earn rewards:

The prize pool of Co-op Battle Alpha consists of 2 parts, including:

  1. $TOWER Token Prize pool

  • Consists of a Basic prize pool of 250,000 TOWER + A completion prize pool of 750,000 $TOWER only when defenders are able to defeat King Bullhead before battle end date. Prize pool will be distributed based on players’ Damage Contribution, if you’ve deployed Hero Card into the battlefield, you’ll get extra boosts on your finalized distribution.

  • e.g. If you eventually receive 1000 $TOWER, and you’ve deployed 1 Common & 2 Rare Hero Card NFTs, you’ll receive 1,000x(100%+0.1%+0.2%x2) = 1,005 $TOWER

  1. Achievement Badge: All defenders will receive Badges by participating in the event (Learn more about TOWER Achievement Badge)

  • The player with the highest total damage will receive a Chief Warrior Badge, with the 2nd total damage will receive a Silver Warrior Badge, and with the 3rd will receive a Bronze Warrior Badge. The top 10% of Players who deal the most damage will receive a Warrior Badge NFT

  • Everyone who participated in the battle will receive a participation badge

Learn more about Co-op Battle

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