Overview of TOWER Ecosystem

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Introduced in Feb 2021, The TOWER Ecosystem is an initiative by game developer and publisher Animoca Brands to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming. The goal is to build a system that maintains balance and equability in traditional Free-to-Play games while introducing various attractive features of blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and governance etc.

The basis of the Tower Ecosystem includes:

  1. TOWER Dapp - Web3 features available on crazydefenseheroes.com

TOWER Token & its utility

The TOWER Token (or simply TOWER, $TOWER) is an ERC-20 fungible utility token for the TOWER Platform, available on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon Chain, designed to be a medium of exchange, utility, and governance within the Ecosystem. It could be Earned by playing the games in the franchise.

Holders of $TOWER can use it to purchase exclusive items on TOWER Store, pay for game or tournament entry fees, and participate in the governance of the Ecosystem.

The philosophy and intent of the TOWER Ecosystem are explained at greater length in this Medium post that introduces the initiatives:

Ecosystem's Games:

  • The Crazy Kings (CK) and Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) mobile games: existing successful mobile games, with over 2 million downloads and thousands of loyal players. CK and CDH are tower defense games based on collectible cards of various rarities and power. Players are now able to earn TOWER Tokens, and exclusive NFTs by playing these games.

  • Blockchain Web Game: Co-op Battle is a Web game where players team up and deploy their troops (TOWER Battle Card NFT) to defeat a World Boss within a specific duration to earn $TOWER and NFT rewards.

  • Upcoming Games: will be announced soon, subscribe to TOWER Ecosystem social channels and stay tuned for updates!

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