TOWER will be usable to purchase NFTs for the Crazy Kings franchise
Cards are fundamental gameplay components in the Crazy Kings franchise, representing defensive buildings, heroes, spells, and avatar equipment used to defend against hordes of enemies. These cards can be upgraded and are available in various levels of power and rarity, determining all the attributes necessary for success in the games. As such, they present an ideal opportunity for the tokenization of existing in-game assets.
In May 2020, Animoca Brands launched a sale of 100 Super Value Chests. In addition to in-game content and resources, each chest also included one Crazy Defense Heroes collectible card NFT to introduce non-blockchain gamers to blockchain and NFTs, and to pave the way for the upcoming blockchain game.
In the future, additional Crazy Kings franchise cards will be minted as NFTs, and will be purchased using TOWER. In addition to being collectibles, all of these NFTs will have utility in the upcoming blockchain based game, and will be stakeable to passively generate TOWER.